Carrying 2 mopeds

Hey all

Just installed a hitch on my truck with camper shell and am wondering what you'd recommend getting to be able to carry 2 mopeds.

I was originally thinking a cargo carrier, but would be curious to see what you all use

Re: Carrying 2 mopeds

I made this one from scrap...


Re: Carrying 2 mopeds


Re: Carrying 2 mopeds

As much as I’d love to make one, I currently don’t have the means, nor ability to do so hah

These are great though

Re: Carrying 2 mopeds

Just toss 'em in the back and pack yer stuff around 'em . ;)

Re: Carrying 2 mopeds

Built this specifically for my G3 which is kinda big and heavy, but I could probably fit two normal size mopeds on. Just a basic wire mesh utility cargo rack thingy that I decked with cedar fence pickets (super duper cheap and weather resistant) and used carriage bolts to fasten them on. Originally was gonna use the cheap wheel chock from Harbor Freight but got the fancy one instead. They’re a bit wide for mopeds so some pool noodles sliced down the middle solves that problem and adds extra cushion.


Re: Carrying 2 mopeds

Trying to find some example pics of mopeds actually on it; I’ve hauled a bunch of varying sizing but haven’t gotten pics. Here’s the Sachs and then a Magnum for scale. (edited)


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> P D Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Just toss 'em in the back and pack yer stuff around 'em . ;)

That's what I've been doing and it is the biggest pain in the ass haha. Soooo over it

Re: Carrying 2 mopeds

Dirty30 Dillon /

Buy this and never worry about it again. Fits two mopeds very easily, and fits most smaller motos with room to spare

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Jack MT Goatheads MPC /

Those heavy duty baskets aren’t a bad way to go. The harbor freight ones are surprisingly decent and can be modified to accommodate two peds with some extra metal in the mix. What ever you decide I highly recommend a hitch raise. Keeps that fun dragging noise at bay every time you go in and out of parking lots or quick incline. This one is a 10” and kept my 1 bike carrier from getting the attention of every gas station I rolled into. The longer it sticks out more it’ll drag something to keep in mind. Let’s us know what you end up with!


Re: Carrying 2 mopeds

Yup, I second this suggestion. After the first 1,000 miles with my carrier I got one of these and what an improvement! No drag and also like the several extra inches of clearance it gave between the bike and my rear window.

Also, hitch stabilizers are a must!!! It’s that u-bolty thing on the extender. I recommend two if you’re using an extender- one from the hitch to extender and then one from the extender to the carrier. Pretty much eliminates any and all teeter-tottering while driving down the road.

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