Rally or Die

So with COVID-19 thing shutting down cities we are starting to see a lot of the homies cancel these earlier season moped rallies. I know RVA has cancelled all events over 100 people and the Rebels from here just cancelled Ride And Chatter(if you show up I'm still riding) rally.

Do y'all think this will lead to later season rallies like the Hot N Readyz 10 year doubling in size so mopeders can get their fix? Post rally depression is at an all time high!



Re: Rally or Die

The 1918 pandemic came in 3 waves, the second being the deadliest.

No, this isn't 1918. But if this does hit hard then big groups of people arent gonna be getting too close to each other for quite awhile.

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Yea this isnt gonna be done by summer, really sucks for everyone with weddings, rallies, big events this year. The untold (and tbh relatively minor but still bummerific) casualties of this

Re: Rally or Die

I was thinking about this last night, summer 2020 will be known as the summer of no fun.

Re: Rally or Die

EH 📣FCC of the QCB /

If we are free and clear the National Rally will be lit!

Re: Rally or Die

im running this FoldingAtHome on my PC to map the proteins of the Coronavirus.


yall wanna have rallies this year? then Feckin stop being vectors for transmission.

fun fact, one dumb South Korean lady is solely responsible for the largest cluster (~30%) of cases in South Korea. You can google it yourself.

listen to CDC guidelines and either stay the fuck home or go for solo rides on you moped.

Re: Rally or Die

We live next to a small lake and while the traffic is never bad it does get busy in nicer weather but last night i went out real quick and it was so great. Like 'Night Of The Comet' kinda great.

Use this time for reflection, focus, and to find your center. And mopeds.

Re: Rally or Die

> Potr zebie Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> find your center. And mopeds.

There's a difference ? LOL

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