Hey Sachs owners

we finally have something available to us for performance-

"Sachs 504 and 505 series engine 70cc speedkit. Quality Italian made kit includes piston, rings, cylinder/head combo, gaskets, intake manifold and exhaust mounting adapter."

It's $175 at MopedWarehouse. I think that they have (or will soon) an exhaust for us too.


Re: Hey Sachs owners

InfectedBootSector /

Cool... Someone here is looking for Sachs exhaust.. I'll let em know!

Re: Hey Sachs owners

did you find this off that german sight?

Re: Hey Sachs owners

No, it's at Moped Warehouse $175 US.

Sorry to be a jerk- but that's why I said it's from Moped Warehouse.

I don't think the one on the german site is an Athena kit, but it looks a lot alike.


Jake Van Order /

This one looks very similar to the one offered at http://warenkorb.parsimony.net/cgi-bin/shop/shop.cgi?shop=3948 . I've attached the picture to show just how similar they are. Now, if you order it from this german shop it is cheaper ($164.33) , but shipping will tip it over $175.00, so why not go to mopedwarehouse.com?

to be continued...


or try this!

Jake Van Order /

Try this:

go to http://www.50cc.nl . Once you're in the performance parts section, choose "hercules/sachs" as your make, "prima" as your type, then "cylinder kit" as your part. You will be presented with the 70cc malossi 45.5 mm kit. I've attached a photo so you can compare the two.

You'll notice that the malossi has two rings instead of the athena's one. You'll have to look at my previous post for the larger picture of the athena to see what I mean. Also the malossi comes with a speed sprocket.

All that and it's $126.84. All together, with shipping it's $158.89. So, why haven't I gotten one if they're so great? I don't have $158.89 sitting around. I'd love to hear if somebody invested in this and if either one works well for an extended amount of time.



Re: or try this!

the speed sprocket doesnt look like it could fit

Re: or try this!

Wow that's weird- the kit at moped warehouse has EXACTLY the same picture as the one at the german site. I didn't notice that.

The 50cc.nl kit dosn't have the intake or the different exhaust port on it. But, it does have that pipe elbow.

Andrew, the speed sprocket is probably specificly for the prima, which may be different than others.

I wonder if you could just get the parts you need, and swap or ditch the rest of them.

I think that mopedwarehouse can order malossi parts-

maybe they should look thru their catalog harder?

Re: or try this!

Jake Van Order /

Do you think the moped warehouse could get it for less than $158.89 total (s/h included)? That I'm kinda iffy on. I'm really thinking of buying this, though, and seeing how it works.

I've just heard bad things about these aftermarket parts.


Re: or try this!

i dont know if i would in my opinion getting a bigger engine would defeat the purpose of a moped

Re: or try this!

Jake Van Order /

It's not that big of a change. Yes it's not 50cc, the standard, but it's not all of that big of an engine change.

I'd personally just like to have enough power where slowing down traffic isn't a problem. I wouldn't necessary go 40 all the time, but I'd like the extra power in case I need to.


Re: or try this!

Dennis Assini /

Jake, I'm also considering the 70cc kit. I need to do a rebuild, seals, gaskets etc,, and thinking about adding the kit along with the rebuild. If you get to it before I do, please let me know how things worked out.

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