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Nearing the end of a full restoration on a 1975 Garelli Katia single speed. It has the same engine as the Noi so it's been awesome to use this forum to help with the build.

I've used treatlandTV who have been awesome for sourcing the upgrades for the engine. Been the same engine as the Noi it's been useful following what engine kits other people have used so engine spec goes like this:

44.5mm mallosi bore up kit

44.5mm reed valve

BRN head

19mm PHBG carb

MLM people's pipe

The bike frame and suspension parts have been blasted and painted in apple jack green which is a British rover colour.

The shock absorbers are 255mm shocks off a Norton motorbike but I could be wrong, I think there more universal.

Tyres are Dunlop's 3.00-10 scootsmarts which I think make the moped look like it should, which a bit of an upgrade on the original tyres.

When I do start the bike for the first time I've got a few questions.

What's the best way to run the engine in?

What's everybody's thoughts on the single speed rubber clutch? I know there's a few threads on them including using the kickstart clutch as an upgrade, which might be the best option if the rubber clutch doesn't work. But overall how as anybody else got on with them?

Gearing, that's another thing I'm not really looking forward to.



Re: Tuned Garelli Katia

That is SO cool! I don't have break in tips, but great work!

Re: Tuned Garelli Katia

Usually I just run it but don't keep it at a constant rpm. Kinda roll on and off the throttle at different rpms. Nice bike.

Re: Tuned Garelli Katia

Please run a filter, you're going to toss everything on the road into that engine.

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I have the same pipe and head. I ran a polini kit and diff carb. For break-in just don’t go full throttle for a full tank or 100 miles’ish. A little is ok...but just don’t run it wide open for more than 20 seconds? Basically try and avoid it. Run up and down your throttle range. BRN heads are the best things ever made for NOI. What’s your temps sitting at when your running around nice and warm?(edited)

Re: Tuned Garelli Katia

Your right it won't be running without a filter. I'm so close to starting it, just got the wiring loom to finish off making

Re: Tuned Garelli Katia

Slowly running it in, it's running pretty rich at the moment but rather be that way while it's all new.

Will get round to jetting it properly when it's road legal.

Here's some more photos.

The green really pops when it's sunny :)


Re: Tuned Garelli Katia

Unfinished , but , clean .

It needs fenders , with a mud flap up front .

Re: Tuned Garelli Katia

fukn a that's hot

year of the mini

and also of staying home

Re: Tuned Garelli Katia

Sick bike! I getting mine finished up too!


Re: Tuned Garelli Katia

^ :)

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