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What carbs and jetting are you guys running on stock M02 engines? My bike has 120psi of compression, but is not too fast. The nearest I can tell without the speedo working is around 20mph maybe less. I know that it is running rich, but there are no mixture screw on the carb and I don’t have a smaller jet. I’m thinking of buying a 15:15 carb and intake to match as I’ve already bored my intake to 7/16, but that’s still only equivalent to around 12mm. I’m certain it’s an issue with the intake as the engine starts screaming if I give it a little blow from the air compressor. What other mods do you guys recommend for these engines? Also if anyone has a Polini or similar reed kit for sale, hit me up!

Thanks, Dallas.

Re: Morini M02

Here’s the jump in size on the intake. I think I had a 9mm to begin with.


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I just got an MO2 that I got running and it only went 18 then 20 when I checked brake drag and upped the psi on my tires with 90psi of compression. I'm working out some other issues but also trying the o ring trick in the carb and shim. Gonna upjet and drill a couple holes in the air cleaner cover. Is your 2nd gear engaging right?

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Second gear engages and she starts scooting along pretty good at that point. I guessing it’s just the lack of airflow with that cheap carb that is currently on it. Never heard of the o-ring trick.

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2nd gear needs good power to engage right. Your 18 mph limits its shifting ability. I'm talking to BBD83 here. (edited)

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Got it Don. Gonna drain and pull cover and inspect. With the PO homemade gnarp on clutch lever it could be too tight. Dallas if you're not running the sha 14 12 the o ring trick may not apply.

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