3/14/20 - The FLORIDA 250 "Ride" - Orlando

Can your $250 bike make it... Read below


This ride is designed for small bikes under 250cc. Most of our mopeds will qualify.

"Florida 250 Challenge…

- The theme of this ride is “250”.

- Entries will be limited; anyone is welcome to the ride itself.

- $60 per entry - Registration IS OPEN

This will be a “ride” in which the participants will have to complete the entire ride and gather/photograph/collect up to 10 items along the route. The rider who completes the challenge the fastest will be awarded a prize (prize explained below)

- The ride is limited to the following cycles/machines:

- Machines must be two or three-wheeled vehicles

- Machines displacement must be 250cc or less.

- Machines total purchase price must be $250 or less… yes, $250 or less

- Purchase price includes the machine and any/all parts needed to get the machine road worthy. TIRES, BRAKES, and BATTERY costs are excluded from the $250 limit.

- Tag and registration not included in purchase price

- Machines must be gas or diesel powered.

Prizes – Ready for this…

- First place prize is a minimum of $500 or 80% of entry fees; whichever is greater; AND the obligation to award the second place price (minimum 15 entries)

- Second place prize - $250 cash prize or ownership of first place machine (up to winners discretion). Second place only awarded if there are at least 15 entries

Third place – trophy over 15 entries

The winner will be awarded the cash purse MINUS either of the following (decision made by winner):

- Winner will surrender ownership of winning machine to second place participant ($250 value).

- Winner shall award second place $250 of the purse.

The Route will be 250 miles, yes 250 miles. Route will be in the Central Florida Area. Actual route will be provided the day of the ride.

Purchase Verification and Approval - Participants must submit photos and record of sale. This could be the receipt, screenshot of transaction, copy of bill of sale, etc. - The Florida 250 committee will approve all entries.

- The Florida 250 committee will accept entries based on requirements and common sense. A chase truck will be en route in the event of breakdown/failure.

Riders can carry any and all tools during the ride.

- any spare parts must be included in overall $250 purchase price.

- No assistance from anyone not entered into the challenge"

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