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Newbie here.

I'm refurbishing a 1974 P1 Sachs Hercules that has a seized piston. Anyone have a cylinder for sale or even a complete engine. I'd be forever in your debt.

Also need a few more parts like a headlight and tail light.


Re: Looking for engine

Post in buy/sell. Its our market place so to speak.

Re: Looking for engine

p1's basically like the westlake.

You'll want to identify the engine model instead of the bike model when looking for engine parts, since the same engines were shared across many models, while different engines may have been used on the same model.

That's actually the case here, making it kinda tricky. Early P1's had the sachs 504 motor, like pictured above - these have shorter engine cases and the pedals are outside the motor, with a separate pedal chain on the right.

Later p1's and westlakes had the 505 engine with pedals integrated in the case, and only the 1 drive chain.

There are also 2 variations of the crank and 4 variations of the cylinder. the differences are covered here: https://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Sachs_Motor_Differences#504

If you look on the right side of the engine theres a little plate stuck on above the flywheel - it'll tell you which you have:

Typ 50X/1X on the bottom there. this pic didnt have the letter designation, yours probably will be 505/1a. or 504/1a if it's the older style. same piston/rings tho. If you need parts look on treatland.tv or doscycles.com. or try buy/sell.Definitely email doscycles for that piston & rings tho, they may not have it on the site but they recently hooked me up with some sachs 505/1D rings after I emailed em.

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