Re: Dumbest moped related thing you've ever done

I don’t think she’s wearing a helmet for legal reasons.

Sounds like an abundance of caution given the number of joint/spine procedures.

You can get a decent helmet (for putting around the farm) online for much cheaper than the MC shop. But, you supported a local business and they won’t starve now.

Re: Dumbest moped related thing you've ever done

Thinking, I can do this.

Re: Dumbest moped related thing you've ever done

When I was 13 my neighbor gave me a moped he had In his basement that didn't run. Being a 13yr old boy who only knew that spark plugs ignite gas and the piston goes in a circle (pretty much still the extent of my knowledge). So I brought the moped home and showed my parents and they said I was to young to own a vehicle with an engine. So I took the engine off and rode it around like a bicycle. I showed them. But it was stolen only a few short weeks later. But I think that's the dumbest thing I've done with a moped but it was out of necessity.

Re: Dumbest moped related thing you've ever done

Captain Janeway /


I have some unaligned vertebrae what have had me sidelined for almost a year. If I can get it fixed up at all I'll be on one again. I love it too much and it's my main transportation.

My injury doesn't sound anywhere near as serious as yours. Talk to your doctor. You don't want to trash all that surgery with the bike bouncing up and down. You don't want to hit a pothole even on a smoother road.

Mopeds are awesome but not worth destroying your back over (edited)

Re: Dumbest moped related thing you've ever done

You're absolutely right about the helmet. Mopeds are very different than horses. I can ride those. The Puch is new to me. Geez I love that Puch. As much as I love my 1946 Farmall B and my 51 Ford 8N. Driving old shit is exhilarating.

Re: Dumbest moped related thing you've ever done

My deal is just arthritis. Note to you youngsters:

Enjoy that cartilage while you have it - it doesn't last forever. I'll helmet up, ride slow and be extra extra careful. I already know ALL the genius surgeons - I'm just not ready for the couch - you know ??????

Re: Dumbest moped related thing you've ever done

Oh man - I’m so sorry about your back. That shit hurts. Mine is just fucking arthritis. After swinging from the rafters of life since 1954 this shit just showed up and decided all my cartilage had a “ sell by “ date. I found genius surgeons. They really fixed me up. But you’re exactly right about the bouncing around. He told me not to spend too much time on my 1946 Farmall Tractor. Well how the hell do you spray your pastures without it ? My Farmall has a flip up seat so you can stand and see your row crops so I stand up a lot on it. I wish you were in Texas. I could put you on to a guy who fixes up fighter pilots who have ejected at speed and lots of Olympic athletes. There are cats out there who can fix that shit and fix it right. Spine surgery is a BITCH but absolutely worth it. You don’t have to live like that. I appreciate more than you know your kind words and spot on grasp of the situation. Thank you. Thank you so much. Find a guy. Get better.


Re: Dumbest moped related thing you've ever done

Mitchell Hoover /

Finally finished timing my Peugeot 103 for the third time, grabbed the timing light and looked at my marks on my variateur side. When observing my marks, I let the light get too close to the variateur and the variateur smaked the light. The timing light broke in half and flew into my face. I love Peugeots.

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