Motron shock disassembly

Anyone know how to get these apart? Tried to give em the old “twist-a-too” and could not get em. Want to separate the metal sleeve from the rest of it to get it re chromed. Doing a full restore on this old girl and I have a chrome hookup through my dad. I was ganna keep trying to finagle them but don’t want to break em. Anyone have any ideas?


Re: Motron shock disassembly

I have so many Motrons, it's not funny. Those shocks are sooo cheap. The bottom/insides of the shocks are plastic. I've replaced a few of them because they crack and break where they connect to the swing arm. If you try to twist the bottom off, they will probably break. I certainly wouldn't try heat, either. Since Motron isn't that popular a brand, used shocks are tough to find on ebay.

You are probably better off getting a new pair that fit. They are 280mm long with 10mm bolt holes. And since this is going on a trike, you might want something a little tougher. (edited)

Re: Motron shock disassembly

do you have a junk pair? wanna cut the metal off one so i can see who the guts look to see if its possible to take them apart?

Re: Motron shock disassembly

I'll check tomorrow

Re: Motron shock disassembly

I have 1 junk shock, with a broken/missing bottom. I twisted and tugged, but it didn't do anything. I tapped the plastic/rubber cap off the top with a rubber mallet and it cracked the cap. I don't see any way of getting the chrome part off other than using heat, and that will surely melt the plastic.

I did finally give the old tin foil trick a try. This particular shock didn't have much pitted rust on it and cleaned up very well in a few minutes.

There's a decent looking pair on ebay from Greece for $30 + $35 shipping, and treats has a chrome pair for $50 with a sale going on...

Re: Motron shock disassembly

Top retainer on most shocks must be compressed with spring to remove locks within.

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^I think I can see that. It's hard to tell, but the top part of the shock could be metal and might stand up to more heat and abuse.

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I honestly think these shocks were not meant to come apart I played with min for an hour or so. a few nights ago

I got my rubber cap off the top and you can see both top and bottom the chrome bit is pressed down around the shock. Meaning I believe it’s assembled to be a one time thing. They put it all together then pinch it. Because even if I did “unthread” something inside, neither end could come out because the chime sleeve is folded down over top on both sides. I talked to my dad sho does the chrome and he says they are ganna try and run them through as one pice they just have to make sure they let it rinse extra long since some of the acid will most likely go up into the shock body during the process

Re: Motron shock disassembly

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

Re: Motron shock disassembly

^those are pretty close to what stock Motron shocks look like, but they are 30 mm longer...

Re: Motron shock disassembly

> Trent Anderson Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> ^those are pretty close to what stock Motron shocks look like, but they

> are 30 mm longer...

Maybe just add 30mm to the fork springs to even things ?

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