YSR50 electrical

Electrical help need

Ysr50 headlight doesn’t turn on with engine running . 6v system

1. Ok so I know that headlight isn’t controlled by the battery, it only turns on with motor running

2. With ignition key turned on,back running light ,brake light and front and rear turn signal work as well as horn .

3. Ran a test on headlight . Works with 6v source

Thinking it could possible be a bad lighting coil .

If I run a wire from the back running light to the headlight it works but would that kill my battery eventually.

Re: YSR50 electrical

Sounds about right . Check the coil and insure all associated connections are clean and scratch tight .

Re: YSR50 electrical

I don't even know if I should bother. I'm trolled by retards and when I tell someone on the ma to test something they cant.

how to test if your stator is blown. you need to disconnect the connector at the stator. you have 2 outputs. one goes to the headlight the other to the battery/tail. there should be continuity between the headlight and the battery/tail. if it is open then its burned out. you need to look at your manual to see what color wire is what.

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