Re: Jailing. Hobbit. PA50.

I never tried that, that hole to my understanding was to facilitate cleaning the pipe, my guess is it would just make it louder! :) Honda is very precise, I just thought with the jailing being a 60cc and the pipe being a bit bigger it may help, though you would maybe have to port if the Jailing has a larger exhaust port.

Re: Jailing. Hobbit. PA50.

Happy Pancake /

> Stephen Keller Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> ^ So, no advantage on a stock engine?

It's larger. If you want it, if I can stuff it in a USPS flat rate bubble envelope, $28.

Re: Jailing. Hobbit. PA50.

I mean it'd help yea, you're not wrong, but the help from a pipe is so much more about a powerband than just derestriction - you're so much better off with a legit chamber if you were trying to get gains from swapping the pipe. The only real thing derestricting gets you that does make it arguably somewhat worthwhile is just derestriction from the standpoint of letting more heat out if overheating's being troublesme.

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