Re: hole in tank

Pushrod Fifty /

I think the PO had his way with it using an axe.

Re: hole in tank

> Aaron Blair Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Surprised no one has talked about this being a shitty clone of an ok

> Honda, but seriously. Those 4 stroke engines suck. Yeah they are

> reliable but you'll never get above 28mph.

Yep, but if you dig or search MA you will find plenty of threads discussing all that.

I bought a brand new one as a teenager. They came with two spare front sprockets to change gearing. No matter which sprocket you used the Indian sucked donkey dicks on acceleration and top speed stock. They were garbage brand new and will never be any better that that in stock form. PART-IT-OUT and move on to something quality made from Europe.

Re: hole in tank

Put a gas tank on the beast.

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