Re: Spray freezing crank

you're lathing the crank, I don't disagree. I just dont have a lathe

However, for any vertical split cases I do put the bearings in the cases 1st. almost always, though I've done it the other way on a few hobits and tomos, just pulling it all together with longer case bolts essentially to drift it together. I prefer bearings in the case 1st tho.

But horizontal split cases like e50 and sachs? you gotta throw the bearings on the crank - and that's where i'm heating the bearing to get that expansion and make the temporary extra clearance to slip on, and then it cools and gives itself a nice firm fit!

Re: Spray freezing crank

Totally agree with plenty of heat and bearings on crank first with hamburger style case halves, it’s a must really.

I guess you wouldn’t necessarily need a lathe if you’re not going for pinpoint precision on the journals, couple ways to skin that cat

There is magic in there, along with a shorter service limit. I’m just tossing this out there because of the thermal expansion talk and proper bearing install per the application.

I have tried the duster fan upside down and it does work to cool things off but I’ve had much higher success rate with plenty of heat and room temp parts, not frozen, not a big fan of the condensation afterwards

Re: Spray freezing crank

♣Slew Foot♣ /

If I know that it is to be aligned I make a wood spacer .

Re: Spray freezing crank

You have the most incoherent posts of any platform I visit.

Re: Spray freezing crank

> river 2strokes Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> You have the most incoherent posts of any platform I visit.

You have to have a bit of imagination , sometimes . ;)

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