Engine swap

So my daughter has a 85 elite 80 an im wanting to do a motor swap does anyone kno what ones we can use we got a gy6 that needs a head an i just went a got a 05 helix 250 an the mounts on it look close on them all i just dont wanna tare it apart only to find it wont fit. Any help would b greatly appreciated thank u

Re: Engine swap

Fix what you've got, it's a way better engine than a Gy-6 will ever be! The Helix engine may fit...but would be a lot for that frame. These are scooters btw, you would get more educated advice on a dedicated scooter site, I love both mopeds and scooters, but many here do not share my view. Is your Elite a 2 or 4 stroke? Both are marvels of Honda engineering.

Re: Engine swap

I didnt realize sorry. But the elite an helix both run just want a lil mow power outta it an i had got the gy6 scooter for free an didnt kno if anyone on here knew if it would interchange

Re: Engine swap

GY-6 is a totally different animal than Honda quality. Stick with Honda, I'm guessing your 80 is a 4 stroke, one of the most bullet-proof engines ever put on wheels. Very few performance upgrades avail. The Helix is an amazing bike, I'm hoping a deal for one for me comes through this spring, Chinese scooters are mostly shit, Genuine Buddy are an exception and this one I jut bought in November, a Hyosung? Korean, 50cc rips hard, is 2 stroke, I rather love it. :)


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