I'm new to mopeds, I was wondering if anyone had any information on the company Bernardi? I have a couple of their wheels, and I couldn't find any information or a website online.

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Scroll about a third of the way down .

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^ where did you find that? Slow night in the RV? ;) Very cool!

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> Stephen Keller Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> ^ where did you find that? Slow night in the RV? ;) Very cool!

Ha . Every night is a slow night in our RV . ;)

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I can't lie, I envy you that! Peace and quiet is where it's at, I hope to retire on the road too! :) All my best!

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Thanks , Stephen . It's a great lifestyle .

About the highest level of stress is : how do I fix the no interior light in the fridge . :)

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Warren Shum /

Thanks pd comm. Does anyone happen to have the contact info for the company?

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Dirty30 Dillon /

I don't know as if you will find contact information for Bernardi, they don't sell directly to consumers afaik. I honestly don't know if they are even still producing. I wouldn't be surprised if much like other cast operations, Kinetic bought the molds and name rights and are producing them in India.

Even with said information, I don't know as if you would easily overcome the language barrier. I have had a very mixed reception from European moped suppliers/fabricators.

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Why would you need the company information about your wheels? Just post a picture and someone here will tell you what they are for.

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