Help with Mags

I know everyone has done everything, but I’m building a Pinto and I’m trying to get some mags that aren’t super popular and on every bike. I’m not looking for crazy hobbit mags or anything I’m just looking for something different I could put on my pinto, any ideas or pictures to help? I’ve seen some pintos with 103 mags and all the standard Puch mags so anything but that would be helpful!

Re: Help with Mags

Find a pair you like and make them work . ;)

Re: Help with Mags

Keep on the lookout for these. I got a set for the express,


Re: Help with Mags

I love those rare 8 star Sport II mags but like you said, everything has basically been done

Re: Help with Mags

Lambo mags! Treats had a set, too much for me but damn it was tempting.

Re: Help with Mags

Mike do you have a picture of them? (edited)

Re: Help with Mags

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Lambo mags,

Sport Mag II,

I like Indian mags,

.....or Milani/Lem mags

Myron's wheel page,

Re: Help with Mags

^ yup see above

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