Re: The cost of rebuilding a moped motor????

> Daniel '' Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> We usually bill 3-6 hours depending on what all we are doing. 80/hr is

> our rate. Parts are usually around the same price unless they’re going

> full cheapo then it’s like 75% labor 25% parts.

This sounds totally fair. Commercial real estate leases ain’t cheap. Neither is labor cost. What’s Seattles min wage?15/hr iirc. Good staff is worth way more. Besides,

When you take your bike to a mechanic/shop, you’re not just paying for the four hours your bike was worked on, but the forty years collective experience that knows how to fix your bike. If ya got a problem with that, fix it yourself.

FWIW, Daniel and his crew put out top quality stuff, quick turnaround, and you get what you pay for. Plus I hear there’s slot cars in the break room. Highly recommend, if you’re in the PNW area.

Re: The cost of rebuilding a moped motor????

Holy crap they have slot cars! Im obligated to stop by now.

Re: The cost of rebuilding a moped motor????

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Most motorcycle shops won't even touch a moped. They take up space and by the time you track down parts you could've fixed 3 Harleys or Hondas. Even small bike places that do 2t motorcycles know you lose money by tieing up shop space. Then when you show billable hours add parts and shipping you can by a moped off craigslist for the cost of the repair. The customer leaves bike for unpaid bill and it costs about125 to get the mechanics lien title.

The three shop guys wanted to send all the moped work to me. I did leave my # but told them Tomos puch Sachs and batavus only

Re: The cost of rebuilding a moped motor????

I've spent several hours on the phone with Richard since he started this thread. He can rebuild all of these motors in his sleep. He's aware of parts prices on all the major moped suppliers and has discount arrangements with many of them or takes advantage of sales if it results in a lower cost. I've been to his house and storage unit to see he has an abundance of spare parts and passes that savings on to customers. He's dealt with 8 of my Minarelli engines and 1 Swinger 2. Yes, I still owe him a bunch for parts, but I'm not sure if he's made an actual prophet on labor given the extras he provides.

He tunes and times, rejets the carbs, ports intakes and exhausts, cleans headers, cleans mufflers, takes exhausts apart and modifies, uses locktite on everything, greases what is needed, and probably a dozen other things I would never think of.

When I was taking my first set of engines to him, he didn't have any Minarelli bikes, so I suggested he take one of my Motrons to use as a "Mule". "Fix each engine, then test them on the mule". He takes the axels apart and services the bearings, takes the fork apart and services those bearings, cleans the tank, adds a better fuel line and filter, lubricates all the cables, repairs the short in the tail light wires, and finds and repairs a defect in the triple tree.

I've yet to know him to just freshen up a bike. He builds or rebuilds bikes so they are as good as new and better. He wants you as a customer, but only once.

What I mean by that is that his work is so good that if something goes wrong with your bike after he's delivered it to you, its probably because you've done something stupid or didn't heed his advice. I should know, he's torn me a new one a couple of times already.

I think he started this thread for the many people he deals with, many of whom are members of this site, that want everything for nothing, because "it's just mopeds."

He gave me a recent example.

A guy wants him to rebuild and kit an AV7 with a new crank for a grand total of $135.

That's not what the customer wants to pay for labor, that's what the customer wants for Richard to supply a crank, a kit, the rebuild parts, AND the labor!

I'm not sure if this customer is an MA guy or not, but anybody who even considers kitting a moped has to have some clue as to what their kit is going to cost by looking on Treats or DOS. You can barely get a new crank for that price! Is he supposed to supply all those parts and the labor out of the goodness of his heart just because "it's just mopeds"?

Re: The cost of rebuilding a moped motor????

> Sodom Hussanal Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I guess it depends on how you define "rebuild". I'd call what you're

> describing a full build, which of course costs more. A rebuild to me is

> freshening everything up and replacing only what's needed to run well,

> like bearings and seals plus maybe some rings or whatever. That's cheap.


Like you've got kit, intake, carb pipe etc. if you're considering all that well then the sky's the limit. you can get chea whatever and keep it probably around 400, or go batshit and easily spend close to a grand

to "rebuild" I'm considering new gaskets, seals and bearings. probably cutting my own gaskets. then you're at like 25-30 for whatever engine bearings and seals, and like 5 for an exhaust and head gaskets that you cant cut. except ZA cuz those bearings are $$$


I've done some shop work fixing up peoples bikes when referred by local shops that don't want to deal with it. usually i charge nothing, but if I have to ship it I'll charge shipping. If I have the parts theyre free, but if I have to buy parts, that's on you.

But I'm not in this game to make money. that's what i have a job for. (edited)

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