Scooter legallity

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ive been thinking about getting one of those Cobra scooters, like the one at . right now, i have a tomos with a bore kit. I was wondering how much of a better of a machine these scooters are, and im only 15 and ur suppossed to be 18 to ride a scooter. i was thinking i could just register it as a 50cc moped, because the engine in the scooter is only 50 cc 's. Would i have trouble getting insurance for this since im only 15? would i just get insurnace for it from the same place as my tomos?

RE: Scooter legallity

I think scooter laws are different in NJ, Tim. If it doesn't have pedals then it can't be registered as a moped, therefore it doesn't fall into the category of a moped. I dunno, check it out on the MVS website.


RE: Scooter legallity

I think you should stick with the moped.



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RE: Scooter legallity

wwell the scooter is only 50cc. if it had peals, it would be legal right? ( i only want a new one because my tomos moped is going to pieces )

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