Amstar Nostalgia

Thinking of buying this amstar nostalgia in Oakland CA. Had a minarelli 5star. I don’t know much about mopeds, any recommendations before I pull the trigger?


Re: Amstar Nostalgia

Re: Amstar Nostalgia

DrGeorgeTompson (Alan) /

The ones i have seen are poorly assembled. If you go through it thoroughly to make sure it wont fall apart they don't seem too bad. They are pretty heavy and pretty slow out of the box.

I would probably just get a real moped imo. I don't care much for small 4 strokes.

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In many areas that us a motorcycle, not a moped.

Re: Amstar Nostalgia

Thank you for all the the responses! DrGeorge what would you consider a “real” moped (what brands in particular would you trust?) do you guys think getting this guy, or an older vintage one for the same price would be better for a complete beginner?

Re: Amstar Nostalgia

Pretty sure that's a motorcycle in California.

But to be honest it's a pretty badly made Chinese clone of a 60's Honda. If your interested in mopeds I'd recommend Puch, Sachs, anything italian too and yeah for the same price vintage moped all the way. You can rebuild a moped engine like a Puch e50 in under a six pack of beer(only accurate measurement of time). That thing is gonna have a ton of weird hard to find parts as they just threw pedals into a Honda clone engine. I don't even think it's related to the pc50 engine mopeds Honda actually imported bitd.

Just remember that you are going to be the mechanic for any moped, including that amstar thing.

If that's a problem just get a scooter. Then you can bring it to the dealer.

What happened to your 5star those are better in every way to this thing

Re: Amstar Nostalgia

5 star was stolen by a “friend” on the other side of the country. Been on the lookout for a minarelli, or a puch but not much luck in the bay at the moment. I’m going to keep looking, though!

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