price for powder coating magnum?

Stuart Jeremias /

hey guys. powder coating my first bike. what do you think is fair for tank, frame, and forks on magnum.

Re: price for powder coating magnum?

I’d say 400 is a good deal.

Re: price for powder coating magnum?

Brad William /

Do moped tanks have sealer inside that will bake off? Anybody done pro spray, DIY rattle can, and powder coat and can compare them?

I had a pair of cast motorcycle wheels powdercoated years ago at a small shop. I just walked into the office and asked about prices. He said it depended on the color. The less common colors, or smaller less frequent runs he does were pricier. Black, white, or silver were cheapest. Custom color, putting my wheels through a one off custom run would be really high. He said he had a big run of silver the next day and was sure he had a few hangers open for my wheels if they were prepped and ready to go. My good luck they were. 20 dollars each.

I was thinking of trying the same approach to have a couple of puch frames n fenders thrown into some small shops batch of plain Jane white.

Re: price for powder coating magnum?

Jimmy Cincinnati /

I had a GPR50RR Frame powder coated flat black about 7-8 years ago. It cost me $200-$250 range from a shop i found. I would say Daniels suggestion is probably about right.

Re: price for powder coating magnum?

Best deals I found was a dude powdercoat customs in atlanta. I brought him the frame, everything unmounted and they'd treat it as a bicycle frame, which was $100 rate (i got in on a $75 special) including sandblast. The tank was a separate $75 and wheels $50 ea. I let him use the end product for shots on his website in exchange for bumping up to a 2-coat no extra charge. I just looked and he's still got some moped powdercoated stuff on the site, including a magnum tank. This was 10 years ago and it's still holding up great despite me beating the everloving fuck outta that thing

Basically smaller shop I was able to talk the guy into treating it as a bicycle and saved some money. go ahead and talk to em, explain it's not a full motorcycle and work out a deal. if they're hard about calling it a motorcycle and wanting 200 base or whatever, shop around!

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