Idk what I have?

Not sure what I have here. Kinetic? Maybe a Luna? Not sure what it is or if it’s worth fixing up. I got it for $50. Should I restore it or sell it as is and any chance it’s worth more than $50??? Any info would be awesome!!!


Re: Idk what I have?

Brandon Alexander /

By style and the big "K" on the rear I'm guessing Kenetic but I could be wrong. No Vin plate on forks?

Re: Idk what I have?

Josiah Radebaugh /

Kenetic TFR. From what I know they're not the best bikes out there not the worst either. Vespa clone, so parts. I'd say it's worth a solid $250-300 if it runs good. Someone will chime in (edited)

Re: Idk what I have?

That's just a Kinetic. They kinda suck in my opinion. The Cdi on that is probably worth more than the whole bike.

Re: Idk what I have?

im in at 100 shipped for the motor n electrics.

Re: Idk what I have?

Sold for $299 new towards the end. Is sell the motor n stuff to pat and junk the rest. Maybe keep the wheels.

Re: Idk what I have?

Angry Hipster /

I remember seeing the ads for these and wanting to buy one new . But I was a dumb teenager then, lol.

Re: Idk what I have?

Chris - Bedford Quarterkicks /

Definitely a Kinetic TFR. I'm just about finished restoring one I got on the cheap for my better half to ride. When tuned up they aren't bad bikes. Not the fastest things, but they are decent neighborhood riders. Comfortable to ride and they have real good brakes. Fix it up.


Re: Idk what I have?

I have never owned one but almost did (i totalled my car once on the way to pick up a pair)

The basic info's been laid out. I think generally they're pretty weak, like physically, and thats why a lot of people have reservations about them. But the suspension seems really nice, the front wheels are pretty solid and big drums, yours looks in pretty fair shape too. and they go a little faster stock than most stock mopeds. I dunno, I'd ride one for sure.

depending where you are and local laws, you could probablt reasonably expect a few hundred for it running

Re: Idk what I have?

Jimmy Cincinnati /

I wouldnt fix it to flip it, but its worth fixing to ride assuming the motor isnt seized up. They have solid wheels and a CDI setup people like to swap onto their actual vespas. It was worth $50, but as is i wouldnt expect much over $100 listing it on craigslist. Running its a $300 bike.

Re: Idk what I have?

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

I owned a few of these. Think of it as a clanky vespa (India quality control has gotten way better, but just recently) For fitty you cannot complain.

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