Hey there! so wanted to get your input on chrome. seems like every moped has some and it seems like every piece of chrome has at least some rust on it (Unless of course it is hidden under plastics or someplace where you cant see it. Go figure...). So what is your solution for dealing with this? Obviously, if it's just a daily rider or beater bike, then you wouldn't want to invest too much effort into it but anybody have a bike that deserves some special care come up with some way to redo chrome in a budget-friendly manner? I found a powder coat that is supposed to mock the look of chrome relatively closely. I've tried some of that myself and it is ok but could be better. This stuff is pretty cheap though. only 20 buck a pound and if ya have any experience with powda coatin then ya know that that will stretch a pretty long way.

so if yins have any experience with chrome or chrome-like finishes please tell. especially interested to see if anybody has ever sent a part out to be chromed professionally.

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Chrome is really over priced because of all the EPA mandates and won't be coming down in cost. Powder coatings is the way to go. I know of a shop in Oroville Ca that's very good, sorry I don't know the name of the place. A friend down the street users them and the stuff looks great.

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A decent alternative would be to look into nickel electroplating. I have watched some you tube videos on the topic, and the process doesn't look too hard at all. I do think it could use some polishing afterward to get a bit more luster, but all in all may hold up better than powder coating. I have used "Super Chrome" powder and it is good enough for the projects I need it for. I have wanted to nickel plate a rack or two though. Maybe ill give it a go on some hardware and see ho she goes this winter.

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Interesting. I don't necessarily plan on doing anything to some parts I have for lack of motivation but just interested to see if anybody had any good methods or solutions. Do you know what specific powder the guy down the street is using? I have heard of that nickel plating but now that you say that might look into it some moor.

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Terbo Speghetti /

Blast it off and paint/powder over it. Chrome is for small dick posers that need to look at themselves all day.

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Benjamin The Wandering Pacer /

Actually chrome adds a nice beautiful and classic look. Just the way the original builders of the bike intended.

Depending on how bad the rust on the chrome is you can use some steel wool and some elbow grease to get it looking pretty nice and shiny again.

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aluminum foil cleans it up nicely with just water, for heavy heavy rust low speed rotor tool with a brass brush.

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I used the racing aluminum powder cuz the chrome looked faker. ha!


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For existing chrome with some blemishes: polish with aluminum foil and coke, then aluminum foil and salt water:

To "refinish"

sand down to 00 steel wool,

Rust-Oleum one can self-etching primer - apply one coat

one can of chrome spray paint - apply two coats

one can of clear coat - apply two coats (gloss is good to 500F, there is a 1000F version but it's matte)

It's just a moped (edited)

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Before/after. Ok I lied, two sets, both looked like the before image a week ago.


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Very nice! Seems like really good results for very basic materials/equipment. So how many of you have access to a powder coating equipment thru work or a buddy or something and how many of you have your own equiptment? Just wondering...

Here's a pic of a 2t oil bottle that I welded out of a coleman propane bottle and powdered with super chrome powder coat. I think I could have gotten a somewhat better finish if I had applied the powder differently or maybe tried wet sanding between coats. IDK fo sure though this might be as good as it gets...


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Josiah Radebaugh /

There are 3 places within 50 miles of me. I would like to get a gun and build a small oven eventually. What base color did you use with the super chrome?

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If the Crome is still on the piece but just rusty use Evaporust,the stuff is miraculous and is only $25 a gallon .just soak the piece for 24 hours wash off buff and presto Bango it looks like new again.It won’t put chrome on the piece but it sure as hell takes all the rust off.

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> Josiah Radebaugh Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> There are 3 places within 50 miles of me. I would like to get a gun and

> build a small oven eventually. What base color did you use with the

> super chrome?

So yeah, it is suuuuuuper nice to have my own powder coating equipment. What I can do is somewhat limited compared to what a professional shop can do especially when it comes to size but for most ped parts it works great. And also you can just use a normal kitchen oven to cure parts so dont feel like ya have to go making it buying anything that way unless you want to go big. Then it is worthwhile to get a cheap or free old oven and modify it. Compared to paying a shop to powder coat yo stuff it is much cheaper to do it yourself.

To answer your question, the super chrome powder actually is the base coat so your start with bare prepared metal and put that on and cure it fully after that you can apply a clear powder to add the depth and shine.

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