eBay deal of the century

$70 for a crusty ass Hobbit pedal chain. But it's OEM Honda! I've seen some crazy prices for stuff but I think this is on another level.



Re: eBay deal of the century

And the price has been cut 14%

Re: eBay deal of the century

LMFAO.....one born every minute!

Re: eBay deal of the century

Do people actually buy used wear items like chains, tires, cables, etc?

Seems crazy that someone would spend their timee photographing and listing something like that.

I always laugh when I see a used oem individual bolt for $10 each (plus shipping)

Re: eBay deal of the century

I'd sell mine for $40.00, but I kind of need it, aren't they basically bike chains? It is hard to remember, if like me, mopeds have been with you since you were 14-15 and are now ancient, that to many they are brand new and mysterious, and new people never knew old school reasonable pricing, a brand new from factory moped rarely cost more than $800.00, now thrashers bring that much, so it is easy for people to be misled. It would be nice if this site was a touch more welcoming of those who are not as knowledgeable as others, I've been riding my whole life and still learn a ton from people here, even just lurking and reading, but newbies can be flamed, not cool, and this is why pricing like this exists, lack if info, it has been getting a bit kinder here of late, so hope that continues.

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Just so no one is left out and misses the deal i have two of those myself that i can see myself turning loose at that price lol...i agree with you on prices .i know some don't like to make their own prices but thats why i post to make me an offer that i have most times sold for the offer unless it was completely unreasonably low as that is high because i have no idea and want to be fair on anything i sell..

Re: eBay deal of the century

Probably Fred /

Some overpriced and or junk speedos and a overpriced mirror holder sold as a throttle,

There are thousands of overpriced junk and or miss leading description motorbike items people sell because “there’s one born every minute”

I’ve found these and more in a few minutes not to mention about 100 listings for single screws and single washers for seven dollars and seven dollar shipping each so $14 for a screw you could buy at Home Depot for about 59c


Re: eBay deal of the century

> Stephen Keller Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I'd sell mine for $40.00, but I kind of need it, aren't they basically

> bike chains?

Yes they are and new ones are like $10. Good luck differentiating an OEM one from a replacement on a restoration build too

Re: eBay deal of the century

^lol, mine is 42 yrs old and works fine, I lubed it when I got the bike in '98, not touched it since, how much of a market can there be? ;) Stock Hobbits are bomb-proof. Since '98 my exhaust has carboned up a bit, causing 4 stroking until I pulled the air filter out about halfway, power came back, cheating I know, but for as little as I ride it a year seems ok, 3 tanks a season? I used to run the 25:1 mix, so it's my fault, and I do believe I have the og plug in it, it starts every spring so even though I "should" I have never changed it! Use 32:1 now. Never smoked at any mix I ever ran, keeping this until I die. I got it with 300 miles on it so, I doubt the plug has ever been changed. It's a moped's moped. I also think having the covers on it helps with chain life, they were put there for a reason, my chain is still wet, but I see so many running without covers, Vespa's too, Honda copied the Vespa design for the drive.


Re: eBay deal of the century

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

I wonder how much someone would pay for NOS air out of 70s tire?

Re: eBay deal of the century

Terbo Speghetti /

> Tri-ped Dave Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I wonder how much someone would pay for NOS air out of 70s tire?

70's air is way better for inflating, more pollution keeps the rubber in your tubes nice n supple.

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