First build. Carb advice??

Hey. Ive recently started working on my first ever moped. 1980 maxi 2 speed. Have an airsal kit and a boss pipe. ( may swap out later). What size carb would you recommend? The original is pretty bad even after a thurough cleaning so i need to replace anyway?

Would appreciate any carb size/ brand recommendations.


This site has been a massive help so far (edited)

Re: First build. Carb advice??

I'd go 15mm bing.

Re: First build. Carb advice??

Yup for first build is do the same. Keep the slide, needle, clip, jet, atomizer, float pin etc from your original carb too

Re: First build. Carb advice??

Probably Fred /

14mm bing will start easier and tune in easier then a 15mm, (a circuit or estroil type pipe is a must on a za50 so pitch the boss) metal mesh filter, around 72 jet, Flipped second gear clutch and new shift dampeners are must also,

Servicing and timing your magneto is a must also so read this completely

Re: First build. Carb advice??

I agree with roff just get a 14 Bing. But ditch the boss pipe. You want an estoril.

My old shit brown Magnum ran mid 40s with an airsal 14 Bing and estoril.. flipped 2nd of course.

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