two stroke software

before i go dropping cash money on software for porting/pipes anyone know of decent freeware.

or have a recommendation for pay to play?

Re: two stroke software

I think there were some posts on here people trying to adapt some of that stuff, I dunno that the available software translated very well to moped sized things.

Re: two stroke software

I have a video up on the YouTubes that has fritz overmars FOS pipe spreadsheet in the comments and I walk thru how to use it.

Re: two stroke software

For pay stuff engmod2t. It's like 400usd though....

Re: two stroke software

ha i think i found your vid last night

Re: two stroke software

It's pretty dry but it explains it not too bad. I made a few pipes with it and it's pretty good.

But if you do dumb stuff like put unrealistic power or rpm numbers etc you will get a poor performing pipe.

And really with pipe making you usually make a few with slight tweaks to try and find "the one".

Re: two stroke software

I was on my phone earlier and i hate pasting stuff on it.

here is the FOS video

Here is my pipe building video

Here is the bike it went on!

Re: two stroke software

i have the book printed out, its a great reference.

have you used Dragonfly?

Re: two stroke software

i have not used that software.

Re: two stroke software

Keep in mind that free software is sometimes not worth the price. I have seen a lot more success in builds by people who are fans of the same brands consult and collaborate with their successes (and sometimes failures helping to show where not to go).

Real world experience still outshines theoretical builds, unless you are building an online bike for gaming.

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