Puch rear fender “hole spacing”

Dan (high idle) Conway /

Hey party people,

I was just wondering if anyone knew how far up the two holes are stock for the factory license plate bracket on a maxi.

I ask cuz I sadly have to drill holes into my maxi for the inevitable massachusetts license plate, this is a 77’ bike and doesn’t have the holes.

A tedious question for sure, but just curious if anyone knows.

Thanks always

Re: Puch rear fender “hole spacing”

Can't simply figure a way to mount a plate just under the tail light , attached to it's bracket ?

Re: Puch rear fender “hole spacing”

Dan (high idle) Conway /

Well... haha, I found this out the hard way. I ordered the OEM cev plate bracket from myron’s. fit perfectly, except after the first ride I came back to find half of the bracket missing due to all the vibration at 45-50 mph haha!

So I picked up the MLM one and it’s A LOT beefier.

Was just curious if anyone had this info on the off chance

Re: Puch rear fender “hole spacing”

John Kreitler /

This is what I have on my '78. Past owner made this. Just a piece of sheet metal cut to size and attached to lower mount screw on tail light

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