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My friend ordered tires for my moped 16x2.0 Goodyear but they came in and there folding bead mountain bike tires. I know they will fit my rims but what’s people’s thought on using them on my 1980 Batavus Regency??

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Dirty30 Dillon /

It's an awful idea. You should just grab tires actually rated for moped use.

Also: I highly doubt they are the correct size, as the 16x2.00 measurement refers to the OD of the tire, not the rim diameter. (edited)

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Josiah Radebaugh /

Given they're bike tires, they probably aren't rated for very high of speed.

Now if you plan on doing some sick drifts in the snow then maybe.

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Pick smarter friends.

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Just kidding, but seriously tho: Like Dillon says, bike tires are measured differently than moped/motorcycle tires, so they won’t fit. Oh, and bike tires aren’t DOT approved either.

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Yeah thought he was doing me a favor. Lol

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Send 'em back, order from Treats.

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Yeah I’ll have him send them back. Sounded to good of a deal $25 for two tires. Lol. Thanks guys

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A 16" moped tire is the same size as a 20" bicycle tire. Mopeds and motorcycles measure the rim, bicycles measure the tire.

I'm not saying to use the bike tires, just clearing that up.

Weird thing is, DOT rated moped tires are usually cheaper than a bicycle tire. A few years back I paid 15 bucks each for some Pirelli ML75s, which are freaking awesome tires.

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