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Mopeds are fun. Transitive property. It's just fun.

Re: It's just Mopeds

Brad William /

Added to the fast bike / slow speed, slow bike / fast speed is the adventure factor of going out exploring on a 50cc one lunger vs a full blown highway motorcycle. Anything over five miles is adventure, on the cheap. I don't get that sense of fresh and new and exploration on my bigger bikes unless/until I'm 200 miles from home. On the moped it starts at about five miles. Part of it can be chalked up to feeling vulnerable. Miles from home on a glorified internal combustion toy and secretly wondering how far is too far, just in case, all the while. It's ok cause you're confident of your repair skills. That's adventure.

It also helps if you're a bit naturally resistant to authority. Despite the fact that you're following them, It never really feels like most of the rules of the road apply to you.

Re: It's just Mopeds

> Dan (high idle) Conway Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> You know, I spend a lot of my time thinking about mopeds, learning

> nuances in the moped world, learning new engine designs, tuning tricks,

> fixes and maintenance. It’s funny to think about how much time I spend

> on something so “Ridiculous” in a way but yet, is one of my favorite

> things in the world. It started with being cheap transportation when I

> was riding mine illegally before my learners permit when I was 15, but

> now i’ve owned 13 bikes, from every major European brand, 25mph bikes to

> 50+mph bikes.


> It never gets old, there’s ALWAYS fun to be had with this hobby... and

> i’m gonna dig it.


> Until the parts run dry

*until the parts run dry*???

Make or substitute parts and keep on going. Parts comparability, cnc, 3d-printers, home casting methods.....all here in an army of one.

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