Express Owner Seeking repair help in chicago

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Hello all, this is a repost from repair but I thought it might be more relevant in gen-discussion.

TLDR: mechanical novice seeking in-person help fixing Honda Express in Chicago - WILL COMPENSATE IF NEEDED

My Express is giving me trouble. While it seems to be in order, it isn't getting a spark (other minor issues as well, but you don't need that novel). Over the last year or so I've been trying to fix/diagnose the issue with no luck. A while ago I more or less gave up on it; here is why I am reaching out today: a) my lease is up in Feb and I would like to have it running before I move out, b) I have access to a car that can fit the Express in the trunk for the first time since I moved to IL, and c) for the first time in my miserable life I have a job with disposable income. So, knowing that I lack any serious workspace, tools, or experience, I am reaching out to the 2 stroke community for help. To be clear, I am not looking for advice on this post, rather, I would like to meet up with someone who has greater knowledge/access to better equipment. I can bring the Express anywhere in the Chicago area, and will bring fresh spark plugs and every little bit of 2 stroke hardware I have. I am willing to compensate with cash (within reason) or beer (without reason), or a combination of both. I am reaching out in good faith because I want to use this rather poor situation as an opportunity to learn more about small motor mechanics and meet locals with similar interests. Even if it is a simple fix, I truly prefer in person help. Please DM for details, I will be on the forum frequently over the next few weeks but any evening/weekend from now til mid January I can make time with advanced notice. Thanks, I really dig this weird little bike and I don't want it to be another parts bike just yet.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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