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Those look pretty good! The fit and repeat-ability is everything though, and that's what you get for $9 on treats. I highly recommend to anyone with a printer to try making some - it'll give you an appreciation for what goes into *JUST* 3d printing something! I iterated those a lot to get them right to get that satisfying "click" every time you pop a switch top on. I also have about 30,000 hours of printing under my beld on SLS, SLA, FDM and MJF. If treats starts machining them from aluminum, I'll upload my files, but not yet. I'm working on an edit to have these machined, just haven't had time to sit down and compile all the stuff I want to send and do engineering prints.

There's also something you've missed in the part geometry that you don't get with the switch when you get it from treats that helps the prints come out GR8. Try drafting some supports and printing them the other direction on the build tray. The auto supports aren't good enough and messy.

A good part of it is also having the printer adjusted correctly, nozzle flow calibrated, recognizing when layers haven't laminated, and gantry is tight. A lot of what I print doesn't pass QC and goes in the trash. Even if you have the STL's, there's a lot more to it for repeatability. Check out some of the stuff on 3dlabprint... impressive shit.

Glad to see some more of y'all designing and printing shit! One day maybe I'll do something more interesting than an intake spacer as a machined part lol.

Which begs the question... any of y'all good at surfacing? Looking for some people to help with some organic shapes in 3D scanned point clouds and meshes. I'm currently wrapping up a Magnum tank, which will NOT be 3D printed. Depending on how that goes, might be looking to have some help processing mesh and point cloud data for other scan data.

Top is cleaned and repaired scan data, bottom is the from scratch surface rebuild symmetric about the world space. That swept groove down the side was a bitch, and I've still got to play with the radiuses at the front.



This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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