Some 3D printed Moped stuff

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I got bored and decided to design and print some cool moped related goodies.

1.) PUCH MAXI fork speedometer bracket eliminator thingy

Comes in both text and textless flavors (stock bolt hides part of the U and C, may fix, might not).

Installed Text Version:


Non text is the same, except without PUCH lettering. Here's the underside of both:


This covers the holes that would be filled by the stock speedometer bracket, in case that wasn't obvious.

2.) Magura Right Hand Switch Base:

This was reverse engineered from Ryan (DEADPED)'s right hand switch base that's currently available on Treatland. The files are original and created by me, but based off of his design (which in turn is based on Magura's). I'm giving this away for free, so if you have a printer save some money, or don't and support a fellow maker. Maybe I'll make the left side too. Anyways, print in PETG or ABS for best results. I'm currently printing a test piece, so I'd wait a couple days for all the issues to be worked out of my design before printing.


Once again, I'll add photos when it's done.

3.) Swanky UPJET stencil (plus more!)

I'm out of attachments, so I'll put a picture in the replies. I made this stencil out of the UPJET logo, since NYC is epic, but I'm happy to design one for your branch, just send me a message.


I got bored and made these so don't be greedy <3 but if you're nice enough and I'm bored enough, let me know if any of you need some obscure plastic parts designed. Or heck, maybe you've got a super rare bit or bob that you want preserved, I can probably use it to throw together a 3D file. Much love,

Guthrie Mass.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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