Moby value question

A person contacted me about a 1960 av44 Moby that is complete except for the side skirts. He wants to sell. Any idea of value?

It is in good condition.

Re: Moby value question

AV44 is single speed rated at 40km/h (25mph) , its a bone rattler as well (no rear suspension)... Side panels you can get fiberglass reproductions from Mopedland in UK £32 pair or singly £16 per side plus shipping.

Is the bike serviceable and roadworthy?

Is the bike running?

Does it have goodly tires (19x2.00 tires)?

Re: Moby value question

You now know as much as I do. Sorry. He says good condition but not running.

Re: Moby value question

I would suppose $400-600 depending on how complete and how much you want the bike. Knock off a few bucks if the chain covers are missing, knock it down if the tires are kaputs (you would need tires tubes and rim strips 19x2.00 or 19x2.25 size). If it is not running you know zero if the electrics are serviceable (but not difficult wiring). The date on the steering badge is not the vintage of the bike, that is the date the design was accepted for homologation by the government in France as a cyclomoteur (engine serial number will reveal the actual year).

Re: Moby value question

Thank you.

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