2009/2019 - moped style!

Its a catchy trend, but its catchy cuz it's fun, at least as an excuse to dig up old nostalgic memories. Photo from 10 years ago vs today. Ends of a decade.

In 09 I was pretty new, only on my 4th bike. This was halloween 2009, and also this photo was a topic of one of my first moped army posts, to which cries of WFFF pushed me to troll and shitpost heavily in those early years.

Stock nu50, circuit pipe, bx belt, custom filter, but that's basically it. It got stolen and later turned up in Florida with a gy6 swap, not worth retrieving

Since then I've had maybe around 100 bikes, but here's one of the latest, its some euro sachs frame with e50 mounts welded in, and then ktm mounts to revert it back to a sachs 504. Pitbike wheels, scooter tires, monza tank and ?? Seat.

Post up your 09 bikes vs your latest build! With their stories and specs! I love hearing what's happened to folks old rides...


Re: 2009/2019 - moped style!

I've got all the same bikes I had then, I do remember that pic though!

Re: 2009/2019 - moped style!

COOL - I have only been posting on MA since Apr 18, 2010 10:20AM, so I did not see that back then...

Re: 2009/2019 - moped style!

> Stephen Keller Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I've got all the same bikes I had then, I do remember that pic though!

Ditto. Lots have come and gone since then, but the core four remain....Snark, Maxi Luxe, Garelli GS LTD, Garelli GS. No more for me!

Re: 2009/2019 - moped style!

I don't have any pics of the bike I had in '09. It was a Honda C70 that I never got running. Here's my only running moped at the moment .


Re: 2009/2019 - moped style!

Josiah Radebaugh /

Sick Chick

Re: 2009/2019 - moped style!

In 09 I was tearing my hair out trying to make the world's fastest Sachs 505 haha. Got back into mopeds after playing in Denver with my Aprilia rs50. Hobbits seem to be the best mopeds for sure, so now I'm loyal to them. Scored a barn full of hobbits in upstate NY circa 2016 and now we are back at it. It always comes back to mopeds for some reason.


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