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I have one, i paid $160 for it as a total basket case missing a lot of parts, rattle canned, etc.

its ok, i mean its definitely not as nice as a magnum or G3. For me the higher end magnums are kindof the gold standard for any moped with real hydro forks, beefy frame and swingarm, good motor, great looks and a nice big comfy seat.

its made much more flimsy, the forks are spindly little pogo sticks instead of real hydros like a General 5 star or up market Mag. Even the XK mags and G3's have nicer pogo sticks. The tsm forks are just 103 forks that are longer with the same travel and super flexy.

The stock motor is a little bit hotter than a basic 103, it has all the good parts and a special bigger finned cylinder, but just like anything Gurt McDurt you're gonna need to replace the reeds, intake, and carb with an SHA. You'll probably also end up putting a kit on it and variator if you wanna blast.

The seat is the worst, its super small and forces you into a somewhat uncomfortable seating position. I've tried to re-do the foam twice and can't get it

The tank is nice and big, its cool lookin. It feels good between your legs. I've never much liked the peugeot pedal position but the seat is up higher above the pedals and it actually has a pretty good layout for longer legged folks.

I dunno, they are cool and all but to be honest you could probably build a way better one from scratch using a donor 103 for about 400 bucks that would whoop all the ass. I've replaced the whole front end on mine with a TTR125 17" wheel with huge drum brakes, replaced rear shocks, replaced the whole engine, variator, bars, controls, recovered the seat.... pretty much the only original parts are the tank, seat, subframe and rear wheel at this point. Oh yeah the exhaust pipe rocks, i kept that and put on a mild 70cc kit.

If you want one for the sake of owning something lustworthy and rare, its pretty cool in that regard, but if you're just trying to build a fast reliable variated and kinda cool looking top tank you can definitely get there a lot cheaper top tanking a hobbit or doing something else. I'm not really a big top tank guy but my wife likes them so yah i guess, whatever.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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