c70 rev problems

my honda c70 has a problem. it revs fine, but, on occasion, it revs high and stays there long after i let go of the throttle. everything looks good. i rebuilt the carb twice. everything is clean and intact. the airbox is okay, but the rubber leading to the carb is cracking. maybe false air? any ideas?



RE: c70 rev problems

Typical falls air thing. Replace the gasket between the carb and cilynderhead en fix the cracks with glue

RE: c70 rev problems

gasket is in good condition, 2300 miles on bike. it ran like this in warm weather, too. when bike is hot or cold... i dunno

RE: c70 rev problems

Hmmm ... if it keeps revving it must still be getting feul ... throttlestopscrew too high? Try setting it so the only just won't stall with a cold engine.

RE: c70 rev problems

Try lubing your throtle cable. Sounds like the throtle is getting stuck open and the vibrations are alowing it back down.

RE: c70 rev problems

That's a possibility. Another common problem is that the gas-slide inside the carburettor sticks to the side of the carb because the carb isn't watertight anymore. In that case you should replace the rubber seal of the top of the carburettor for a new one and make sure no water can come in through the airfilter.

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