85 Sachs Seville (hurcules) help

Hi guys, new member here, been a frequent visitor of the site and is my go-to for info. Anyway, looking for advise, any input is appreciated.

I have an 85 Sachs Seville, it's a hurcules werks bike. I haven't seen many of them. It's not missing much, only one side skirt and the air box. Runs great, all stock. I think even the oil pump works though I'm afraid to use it lol. Thinking about selling and have an offer for 1000$ cash. I know I should take the deal, and most of the members here aren't a fan due to limited performance potential, but wanted some feedback from the experts here. Opinions on how rare it may be ect...thanks in advance!


Re: 85 Sachs Seville (hurcules) help

Forgot to mention, it's a 505/1A motor

Re: 85 Sachs Seville (hurcules) help

Jesus, $1000? Take the $1000 yesterday. That things worth like maybe $300 in my neck of the woods

Re: 85 Sachs Seville (hurcules) help

Not super rare but definitely a nice bike for someone who wants it. One of the all time comfiest mopeds I've ever ridden for sure. Looks relatively clean and has all the cool stuff still attached (tank rack, <3).

If you want to sell and someone wants to pay that price, go for it!

Re: 85 Sachs Seville (hurcules) help

I would sell the fuck outta that for half that much and I love those bikes.

Also I have the sidecover I think, PM me your address n I'll just send it your way

Re: 85 Sachs Seville (hurcules) help

Yeah, they can be hard to find down here now days. When they do pop up, they command a lot. Only one I can find for sale is a 79 Puch maxi. A nice bike but it's listed for 1,200$

Re: 85 Sachs Seville (hurcules) help

Look like you are fishing for someone to tell you to keep it...


KEEP IT don't sell it

Re: 85 Sachs Seville (hurcules) help

I drove to Austin from Columbus to buy a much rarer bike than that for $300 last year. You can find another moped or 5 for that money. Unless you have some sentimental attachment to that bike, I would sell it

Re: 85 Sachs Seville (hurcules) help

Thanks for the input guys. Moby was right. So was everyone who said to sell. I'll sell it and move on to others

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