Moby turn signals

Some moby's (just saw a 77) have turn signals, my 78 does not. Anyone with insight on this? Was it a option? Or a yearly change? Or a particular import/export thing?



Re: Moby turn signals

They were aftermarket cateye turn signals that you could purchase from the dealer when you bought your bike.

Re: Moby turn signals

I see, thank you.

Re: Moby turn signals

In USA they were a dealer installed option, most of the rest of the world got the European model so they were a factory supplied option with the stand offs incorporated directly into the handlebarz and the rear rack.

The 3rd coil in the magneto was used for the turn signals power supply for the European models.

The dealer installed options were usually the catseyes brand, which had batteries, some were unknown Japan or Taiwan produced sort of things, also battery powered.

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