moped in reverse?

Kevin Barrans /

had the strangest thing happen to me the other day. kick started my 79 sachs westlake and the wheel and pedals all started going backwards. i gave it some gas and it went backwards even faster. i shut it off, pedaled around a bit, kick started it again and everything was back to normal. no problems since. anyone ever heard of this?

Re: moped in reverse?

Yeah, that happened with Adam's 77 Westlake once. Not sure why, but it is fine now.

Re: moped in reverse?

Do a search 'engine in reverse' this has come up before. bruce

Re: moped in reverse?

mopedmaster /

make sure your in first gear and not reverse

Re: moped in reverse?

2 strokes can run backwards... go here and read about it ..

(its the one that Brusce and Crisis refer to)

(I think that'll work)

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