Stolen Maxi in Portland, OR

Reposting here on the suggestion of some MA reddit users... fingers crossed.

Had the moped I almost died on get stolen last night

Stolen between 11pm and 6am Wednesday November 6-Thursday Nov 7 from the parking lot of my small apartment complex. Yes, it was locked up.

It's dark green, step-thru frame with black accents (exhaust is now black, stator cover is black, etc.) and M-style handlebars. Lots of aftermarket parts. The picture attached is of a nearly identical Maxi.

More so than the transportation aspect, this moped is significant to me as I was hit on it last year and almost died. I have a lifelong heart condition because of the accident and my left arm only has about 85% of it's prior mobility. It's what I went through and how much healing I've done over the course of a year to be able to regain the ability to ride it again.

Please keep an eye out, as it's smaller than a motorcycle someone could hoist it into a dumpster if they wanted. I'd be heartbroken to lose this forever.


Re: Stolen Maxi in Portland, OR

Probably Fred /

Wow very sweet bike, so sorry for your loss of health and I really mean it because without health as well as transportation you have nothing! it’s a shame, I’ll watch craigslist and eBay for the criminals that changed your life!

Re: Stolen Maxi in Portland, OR

File a police report, check to see if any cameras may have captured the theft, and scout the neighborhood, they often get ditched when the miscreants can't get them started. put up flyers with a reward, also put the word out at tow companies/impound yards, and scrap yards, offer a finders fee. Check any known dope houses and homeless camps. Best of luck with recovery.

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