Has anyone used more modern tires for their Honda Express?

Has anyone used either of the tires below? Looking for some more modern looking tires. I really just need to know if they will fit without rubbing anything. I'm wanting to keep the stock fenders. The stock size of my tires are 2.25 x 14. It's a 1982 NC50




Re: Has anyone used more modern tires for their Honda Express?

Express NC50 /

Yes, I recently installed a pair on a 1979 Honda Express NC50. The tires are IRC brand NR77 model 70/90-14 size 34P rating. The 34 = 260lbs @ 33psi weight capacity per tire and the P=93 mph speed capacity. The OEM rating was 24B. 24= 200lbs@32psi and B= 30mph. I purchased these with IRC tubes and rim strips from Dennis Kirk Co. The cost including shipping was $50. The tire price was $14.88 each. I also ordered 2 IRC tubes and 2 rim strips on a second order for $28. On my first ride I was impressed with the ride comfort, even at 32psi. It was a cold day at 40F degrees . These ride much better than the 40 year old OEM Yokohama's at 32psi. The bike has almost 6000 miles now. I have ridden more than half of those in the last 30+ years. These have at least 1/4 inch of clearance from every thing on the bike as built OEM from the factory including the fenders and stock exhaust. One thing that I noticed on the only ride so far is that with the OEM tires the top speed and acceleration are slower. I will have to check the circumference to see if the IRC tires are larger and changed the over all gearing. This will have to wait until spring or a warmer day as the wind chill is now below O degrees now. The top speed was 32mph stock. I had changed to a DR 46cc kit with a Puchhonda custom head and the speed after break in went to 50mph by the speedo, but according to the deputy I was going 52mph and that is another story. With the new tires the rpm and speed are now lower.

Re: Has anyone used more modern tires for their Honda Express?

Jack Rutherford /

Your wheel will need to be true on the rear to prevent the tire from rubbing on the inside of the trans case for 77-80 Expresses.

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