Moped Community = Awesome!

Hey all!

Just got to say – I’m relatively new to the Moped community, and I’m blown away by the love and awesome people around. Quick story:

My 12-year-old son and I are fixing up a 1979 Vespa grande. I’m more than a little bit over my head. That’s where The Moped Army flew in like a socket-wrench-wielding Tarzan swinging on a decomp cable through jungle of 2-stroke exhaust. Not at all an overstatement. I reached out to fellow Vespa fan Ellak (an hour up the road near CLE) and today we spent the whole day getting this thing 40-year old boy and running. And the bike isn’t bad either ;-) From the first spark, rip, and ride, I knew we had made it outta the woods. My son is pumped!

So. Quick thanks to all those who have gone before and all those who are still committed to helping the younger generation get up on two wheels. Alex and Josiah - you guys got us started. So I suppose you’re alsonpartly to blame for the new addiction ;-) Benji and the crew at Treatland also rocked our world with some great shipping on parts this week. Huge shout out to those guys! Have a great day all :)


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Re: Moped Community = Awesome!

I absolutely love these kinda stories

that kids gonna be the baddest 12yr old in the county, way to go dad!


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Larry Picarello /

Good job, Dad!

Re: Moped Community = Awesome!

Bad Cadillac™ /

Nice! Vespa are great bikes too.

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Captain Janeway /

That kid looks really happy. Good luck. And yes, moped people are great.

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This is awesome!

Re: Moped Community = Awesome!

Alexandro Ramirez-Nagy /

Good luck with the bike!

-From the both of us, Alex and Josiah

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You will be needing one of these too:


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/\ yes wrap it around his leg and it will stop the lad from getting on the bike when homework needs finishing!

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Congrats guys! Been looking at Ellaks threads, you got some great help. Have fun, it's a great hobby, lifestyle, addiction, and more.

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Re: Moped Community = Awesome!

Wonderfully heartwarming.

Great choice in brand of bike too.

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Re: Moped Community = Awesome!


(Noticing the CanadaLand flag in the background so they obviously know the connection between poutine and mopeds, eh?)

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Heartwarming post for the win

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Josiah Radebaugh /

Wonderfull! Very happy that you have taken this poor abused sole, to resurrect it to its former glory! Ah yes, if it weren't for Treatland I dont know what I would ever do. I would be lost... Maybe I'll make it out there some day to meet the crew.

The Moped Community as a whole is amazing. Sure you get a few stripped threads here and there but if you ignore them an thread on you'll meet some wonderful people! You guys should really try to make it to a rally some time. Were going to have to get you a bike next ;)

Hope you keep us updated with pics and news on the bike;

Best of luck with this Worn Italian Sole!

Glad we were able to 'spark' the addiction :)


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Lotta folks popping up around ohio, I'm in cleveland, we get together Tuesdays, swing up. PM me or something! Some fellas come up sometimes from medina area etc

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Chris - Bedford Quarterkicks /

Great read! Glad you could resurrect another old classic. Fellow Ohioan here myself. Now that the father-son wrenching is done, go get yourself a winter project and enjoy some father-son RIDING time in the spring. Love stories like this!

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Kimberly Anne From The Internet /

I love seeing stuff like this! Thanks for sharing your story! Your kid looks so stoked!!!!

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This is fantastic! I too have recently found this hobby/obsession/lifestyle and all 4 of my kiddos are eager to be a part of it! MA has been an invaluable resource and inspiration! I cant tell you how many times I was pre-helped by these guys cause I had already read about an issue I hadnt come across until afterward! Def time for you to get yourself a ride and do the family bike thing! 3 of mine are still too small, but my oldest just got his ride today and I'm hoping we get in a ride togetherbefore the snow flies! Way to go and welcome to the family!!!!

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