A55 on a35 frame.

I picked up a good running a55 engine. I have a lot of spare a35 parts And a bunch of a35 exhausts and an a55 exhaust. My question, is there a way to mount the a55 engine on an a35 frame and have the exhaust line up correctly. Or is welding a bracket basically my only option. I don’t have a welder.

Re: A55 on a35 frame.

Double Trouble Dan /

Its an easy fix. some 1/2" wide steel , a saw( angle grinder with cut off wheel ) , a vise to bend angle , or 2 pair pliers, a drill , and some nuts and bolts .

Play Lego land , make a bracket from one hole to another and done.

Re: A55 on a35 frame.

You can mount an A35 pipe on an A55 motor on an A35 frame that has an A35 top end.

Re: A55 on a35 frame.

The engine will Mount up just fine... The engine cases did not change at all...Actually the whole bottom of that engine is the same exact , there are all identical... The only difference in those two engines is the top... The top of your a55 where the Piston moves up and down in the cylinder.... That is piston ported and it doesn't have a set of reeds...all you have to do is look at the two engine cases and they mount up the same way.... You're a e55 engine will be cut out a lot bigger for a bigger kit.... Most people who have a35 have to add material for 80cc kit....now you won't have to...yay....you will have to make a bracket for your exhaust....so use zip tie for now.... Your header needs to be cut have way through and bent and re welded....

Re: A55 on a35 frame.

Trea treats sells a bracket for a55 pipes on a35 frames.

Re: A55 on a35 frame.

♣Slew Foot♣ /

I have never had a bracket Hold on 80cc kit unless the whole motor was blue printed otherwise the vibration is going to rip it off no matter where it is Spring mount and a swivel pipe flange right now I'm using a pujo cylinder exhaust with a sax clamp and it's all underneath that is not clamped to anything but itself and I have a spring the reliefs the pleasure

Re: A55 on a35 frame.

Buy flatbar steel.use a big vice and hammer to bend yer bracket. Not a tomos, but heres my latest homemade Exhaust bracket


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