Re: Class 1 hitch carrier options?

i didn't pay super careful attention but I dropped probably 3-4 mpg. Also yeah, the hiding of the lights is definitely a minor concern. on our vehicle, we also have a 3rd brakelight in the window, so I wasn't too worried.

> Chris * Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> What kind of decrease in MPG did you see?


> I'm thinking about adding a auxiliary trailer light for braking since

> the moped sorta hides the rear end

Re: Class 1 hitch carrier options?

Thanks for the info!

Re: Class 1 hitch carrier options?

My JustHitchIt rear carrier arrived this week, and I painted it Ford white yesterday with Ful-Thane single stage urethane. I can now carry 3 mopeds. I'm pretty much ready for the Tampa Tangle in February.

Re: Class 1 hitch carrier options?

I just ordered the Black Widow Aluminum 400# capacity motorcycle carrier from EBay

It has a loading ramp and weighs 38# ,It gets great reviews . $130.00 includes Free Shipping. There’s a video demonstrating it.

Re: Class 1 hitch carrier options?

Interesting carrier at a good price, but I don't think the Black Window 400#er fits a Class 1 1.25" receiver? Looks to me that it is built for a 2" receiver?

Re: Class 1 hitch carrier options?

Yes , You are correct but all you have to do is get an adapter that fits your 11/4 “ hitch

and has the 2” size on the other end. They sell them at Harbor Freight for $15 or you can get them almost any where else .Thats what I’m doing with mine it also has the 1/14” hitch. Millions of people do the same I have a Honda Accord and will have no problem using the carrier.

Re: Class 1 hitch carrier options?

Joey P's carrier looks exactly like the one I got on ebay years ago. I am pretty sure same guy. Mine came with an ingenious anti-wobble device that through bolts and has a threaded arm inside that puts pressure on the bar, keeping it from wobbling. I put literally tens of thousands of miles, and many peds on this. It is great! I did axe the ranp, not needed and just added weight. Anyone at the NYC rally last year, or Acadia last two years etc etc have seen this rack in action.

Re: Class 1 hitch carrier options?

I’m getting mine Tuesday,it’s shipping from Summit Racing in Talmage Ohio,different places have these, using different names. It just looks like a well thought out design,

sort of like someone who is actually going to use it The light weight also is a plus. Thanks

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