Two seater Yamaha U5

Hello All...

Nice to meet you all.....first post. I was wondering if if could pick your folks brain ? I came across a what I believe to be a 1966 U5 two seater. I have pictures on my phone but at this moment I do not have permission to share of yet. I purchased another item online from this kid and this was in the garage he allowed me to take a couple pictures. I am waiting to speak with the owner. Apparently this was handed down through the family........been appraised at one time...he told me was used in a movie. It displays "Yamaha for two" in fancy writing on the side....he said 1966 I am thinking sticker on side says Yamaha of Daytona, South Daytona Florida I guess my question is does anyone most likely the older folks remember this in a movie...been in storage many years....I'm sure this is a one-off...maybe small shop production ??.......I dont understand why you'd make something like this for a movie. I know this is a long first post....hopefully pictures will come soon. Thank You all in advance for your response !

Re: Two seater Yamaha U5

what you're searching for is gonna be a challenge

but anyway, welcome to the U-5 Club !! here's mine


enjoy the forum!

Re: Two seater Yamaha U5

I’ve had the case split on one, really interesting design, electric start and all, was able to find some new parts and get it going properly

Smooth slow and classy scooter

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