Motobecane CDI install

Shawn Swartzendruber /

I'm trying to install the treats CDI le partie on an AV7 but I'm having an issue. The two studs coming out of the engine case that the old stator mounted to are too long to mount the new CDI to. I can't for the life of me get the studs to unscrew and am afraid of breaking them off. Can somebody confirm that they are threaded into the case and not bolted from the other side or press fit or something?


Re: Motobecane CDI install

Yes they are threaded in and yes they are tight but they will come out.

Re: Motobecane CDI install

Another option is just to cut those studs down in height with a dremel so it does not interfere with the CDI magneto. They don't need to be shortened by much. Worked fine for me.

Re: Motobecane CDI install

Studs have been factory loctite into place so the threaded holes do not allow a vacuum leak into the carter. Easiest solution is to trim the studs after installation of the new stator. If you do remove then and use the bolts supplied, make sure you use a sealant on the threads so you do not introduce a vacuum leak to the engine.

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