Good luck Shanks!

we absolutely fell in love with your crew at gromicon. you were all (and especially Lucy) super duper helpful and awesome. I hope you guys make it this year, you deserve it!

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Lots of luck to all the applying groups :)

Re: Good luck Shanks!

agreed. shanks seem legit, there are some real good crews applying this year with a good chance to grow official, and hopefully knock out some of the shitty division that honestly doesnt really exist, and shouldnt exist. we're all fam, shanks rule whether or not they're in. i love mopeds. best people.

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RayRay🐰 Santos /

I hope we make it n really revamp the scene for Texas

Re: Good luck Shanks!

What are the requirements to be 'in' ?

Re: Good luck Shanks!

Good luck Shanks you all are extremely awesome and kind people, loved meeting you at HnRz a while back. I’d love to see yinz represent MopedArmy!!

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Blake Totally a real doctor /

> P D Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> What are the requirements to be 'in' ?

There is a decent breakdown of what your club should be or should be doing to qualify. Basically, if you run a functioning club that goes to rallies and rides mopeds, you're doing what you should be doing.

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EH 📣FCC of the QCB /

Break down is on the front page of MA.

Edit....Blake beat me to it!

Good luck to all the applying clubs! Definitely a fun time of year. (edited)

Re: Good luck Shanks!

Thanks for the link guys .

The route seems pretty well thought and laid out .

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