Magnum Tank Anatomy

Does anyone have a schematic of the Magnum XK gas tank or at least explain how the reserve tank is situated in relation to the main tank? The reserve tank is a lot more rusted than the main tank and I’m having a hard time getting all the gas out of it without removing the tank from the bike. I am going to do a rust removal this winter and it would be helpful to know how it is all connected so I can get everything out at the end.

About the tank rust removal: Have people had luck with vinegar, bolts, and shaking? I’d really rather not have to deal with caustic chemicals if possible.


Re: Magnum Tank Anatomy

dan henkleman /

The petcock is the reserve, it just pulls from lower on the tube when on reserve.

I've had good luck with just putting vinegar in, not the fastest process but works just fine. I don't think the vinegar reacts well with the petcock, so remove prior to doing this. I've just used clear hose and a hose clamp, this allows you to view the vinegar and filter/replace easily.

Re: Magnum Tank Anatomy

Yeah there is no second reserve tank. When the petcock is ON it draws fuel from 2 inches up, reserve pulls directly from the bottom.

Do the vinegar thing and while your at it fill it up with loose nuts and bolts and shake it for a while. This will remove alotta the crusty bits.

Re: Magnum Tank Anatomy

Clint Mansell /

Oh ok, that makes sense. Thanks for your help!

Re: Magnum Tank Anatomy

Clint Mansell /

Got it. Thanks for the petcock tubing tip.

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