79 Pa50 ll choke

Just bought the pa50 .i found the choke arm under the right floor board .if i push it forward to choke position it will spring back when i let go..is something supposed to hold it in position ? (edited)

Re: 79 Pa50 ll choke

It should stick, are you holding the throttle open, if so it will not, it is designed to release when the throttle is opened.

Re: 79 Pa50 ll choke

make sure it aint getting caught up on any of the cables down there. wanna say theres a small spring that holds the choke closed, friction.

Re: 79 Pa50 ll choke

it was designed to have a nipple on it somewhere iirc that would catch and hold the choke closed

over 80% throttle it would automatically release

>>>>>>>> designed so while warming up it stayed on and once you were good to go you could just twist to unchoke it. honda simplicity !! (when it works right lol)

Re: 79 Pa50 ll choke

I appreciate the info on this.i'll look this morning to see if i can find whats going on with it.i thought it should be a detent or something to hold it in place.i tied a piece of fishing line from the lever to the handlebar to hold it to get it started but wanted to fix it the way it should be..thanks

Re: 79 Pa50 ll choke

DrGeorgeTompson (Alan) /

There's a little spring steel shaft in the middle of the carb pointing up that the choke arm clip on to. they tend to bend or break off or the choke lever gets bent.


Re: 79 Pa50 ll choke

I didn't get a chance to check it today but i think you are right on track doc .have been having a not so friendly talk with a towney and a qt 50 that both wants to have attitudes and have just about got me in the mood to kick start them and warm them up but not with the kick starter ..maybe a swift kick in the tail and a match

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