Motobecane vin?

Ľ̷̝̽͒i̶̛̼͑͠ȁ̸̧̛̽m̵̻̟̯̀̅ ̷͎̙̽̊F̶̲̺͑̓ F /

I have the frame number, and there is nothing stamped to the fork tube. I am trying to see if this bike is stolen but I cannot find the VIN to look it up


Re: Motobecane vin?

That is the VIN dood.

Re: Motobecane vin?

Ľ̷̝̽͒i̶̛̼͑͠ȁ̸̧̛̽m̵̻̟̯̀̅ ̷͎̙̽̊F̶̲̺͑̓ F /

Huh ok. Not sure what to do with it since it won’t go through any of the checkers online

Re: Motobecane vin?

That's because all on line VIN checks are geared for 17 digit VINs .

Add how ever many 0s in front to make the count 17 .

You may have to visit a DMV or secretary of state office and have them run the VIN to see if anything turns up . Any police department should also be able to run the VIN .

Re: Motobecane vin?

17 digits VIN was only enforced from 1981 and up

Re: Motobecane vin?

> Rebel Moby Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> 17 digits VIN was only enforced from 1981 and up

That's correct .

But , 17 is what the system is geared for today . So , that's what we have to work with .

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