Is a little extra oil ok?

Rick Stepina /

My express was running a little rough, and I wondered if the oil injection system could be at fault. In order to be safe, I filled the regular oil tank, then added 1oz to the fuel as well. It's running really well ( other then the smoke which I expected) I've got it up to 30 mph stock and I tip the scales at 220! I thought I'd run the extra oil for a few miles to lube it up really well, then drain and refill at regular ratios. Am I right in thinking extra oil won't hurt the engine as opposed to no enough? Thank You for this and all your responses!


Re: Is a little extra oil ok?

a little more oil is definately ok. its better than taking chances on burning up the eng. it wont harm anything. all it will do is make it smoke and reduce the speed by a little bit.

Re: Is a little extra oil ok?

Keep an eye on the spark plug. Extra oil may dirty it up a lot quicker.


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